Pyroworld new website


Pyroworld is a website all about fireworkshows, pyromusicals and so on. We visit about 40 fireworkdisplays each year all trough europe. From these events we make our photo and video recordings and publish those on our site. From the festivals we visit, like Knokke-heist belgium we bring out a DVD.

The DVD’s you can buy in our  WEBSHOP.

If you need our Photos our you are a fireworkscompany yourselfs and you need Hi Quality Photos and/or Video’s contact us  for our posibilities.


Our equiptment:

1 x  Canon EOS 40D Photo

1 x  Canon EOS 350D Photo

2x  Canon XM-2 Video – SD

2x Canon  XH-A1 Video – HD

At regular shows we use the Canon EOS 40D and the Canon XH-A1 (full HD) to make our video and photos. But at big events we expand this to 2x XH-A1 (one for total shots and one for the close-ups) and sometimes the Canon XM-2 for on the (shooting)field for real spectaculare footage’s.

We are also  active on YOUTUBE, to follow us go to PYROWORLD ON YOUTUBE

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